Tips for Arranging Furniture in a Rectangle Room

Properly arranging your frontroom furnishings is critical to a functional, well-designed room. When you have a rectangular room, it can be challenging to determine how to fill it up. Using a scaled floor plan can be helpful in exploring various options for arranging existing furniture or to figure out how much space you have available for any furniture that you plan to purchase.

The best way to determine the flow of traffic in a rectangle shaped room is to stand in the middle and walk from one doorway to the other. If you already have furniture in your room, make sure to consider any obstacles you have to walk around. Draw up a scaled floor plan and use dotted lines to sketch out the flow of traffic. Make sure that you indicate doorways and which way the doors open by drawing an arc that represents the door and the wall. You should have a 90-degree angle.

If you don’t have adequate space for major walkways, a room can feel cluttered. You must always make sure that you leave plenty of space to maneuver between furniture. The major walkways require at least 3 feet. You should have at least 2.6 feet between 2 pieces of furniture to allow for a walk way. There should be 18 inches between the sofa or an arm chair and the coffee table.

Small rooms are typically long and narrow, which makes them feel like a tunnel. To fix this, you can create an conversation area at one end of the room by placing two chairs facing each other- or out if there is a window. If there is a television or fireplace on a long wall, make sure that you arrange the furniture to create a walkway on one side of the room.

Large rooms offer a variety of options for furniture arrangement. To help fill your space and create a look that is balanced, you should float the furniture in the middle of the room.